Bridal Makeup

Laura Dawson is a specialist in bridal makeup. Over the years Laura has worked in bridal makeup with all skin types, skin colours, and ages, plus the top cosmetics companies around the world, to build the best artist kit for her clients. Laura travels throughout Scotland, the UK and internationally. Please get in touch for more details. Laura is a former newspaper cosmetics columnist and continues to have her work published in bridal magazines across the country.

Occasion / Party Makeup

The beauty of having professional make up applied is that you don't have to spend the day/night nipping to the loo and re-touching your make up. You can get on with having a great time. The makeup will last until you go to bed, some even report it lasting for a second day.

Makeup Lessons

Two-hour lessons are held in Laura's personal studio which is equipped with products to suit every skin type, even the most sensitive, and professional lighting. Lessons are completely tailored to suit your needs, be it the absolute basics in makeup techniques or more advanced artistry, where you might want to perfect a glamorous evening look, complete with contouring and lashes. Lessons can also be carried out on Zoom if you live further afield. Please get in touch to discuss. Lessons are also available for budding makeup artists which includes kit building strategies and practical sessions with models. Lessons can also be carried out on Zoom if you live further afield. Please get in touch to discuss.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Laura is also a fully qualified and insured cosmetic tattooist specialising in brow tattooing. SPMU is an incredible technique to give frame and lift to the eyes which you do not have to wash off. Permanent because the pigment fades very gradually over time. This is important to allow scope to tweak slightly as we age. The process takes approximately 90 mins and can last from 1-5 years depending on skin type. Laura uses a digital tattoo machine rather than a Micro blade as it can achieve various brow effects to suit each individual.

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis is a service to determine the absolute best colours for you, not just in make-up but you’re clothing too. Your perfect colour palette makes your skin and eyes shine, makes clothes, and make up shopping so much easier by narrowing it down. This is an individual service, but it’s also incorporated into bridal trials and make up lessons.

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